Bohemian Burlesque Dance Troupe - Reno, NV

Bohemian Burlesque Dance Troupe - Reno, NV - Traffic Tease - June 8, 2024

Bohemian Burlesque of Reno


"Traffic Tease"

Shim’s Surplus Supplies
123 W 3rd st.
Reno, NV
One Night ONLY - Fundraiser for Coney McConeface
June 8, 2024

Door at 7:00PM Show at 8:00PM

Coney McConeface

"Traffic Tease" is a one time show / fundraiser for the Conecopheny Collective's 2024 Burning Man art installation "Coney McConeface".

Coney McConeface is a homage to the unsung hero, The Traffic Cone - a 60-foot-tall replica built to scale.

"Traffic Tease"
One Night ONLY
June 8th
Fundraiser for Coney
Traffic Tease - June 8th show
Tickets at the door only